TL/DR version of email, October 14, 2015

We had an awesome TMLI workshop last year. Almost all of you told us you did too. Even the worst numbers you marked said “really good!”

We don’t really know why, but IE (now AISGW) thought otherwise, and killed the program.

We believe in this program, so we’re going to run it this year anyway. Same idea, revamped a little. Beginners and mentors both. First session October 29. Dupont Circle (indoors, not in the Circle itself). Lower cost. Still good food. And the people? Same (i.e., spectacular).

Our enrollment is okay, but lower than we’d like.

Please, Please, PLEEZE: Can you help by telling people you know? Twitter, Facebook, water cooler conversations. (Well, since you work in a school you probably have coffee conversations instead.) YOUR DIVISION HEAD. We’d really like it to be successful, for all the right reasons.

And because we think this will make us really rich.

Okay, not that last part.

Abigail, Dave, Jenni, and Peter