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Selection and Counseling

School selection and counseling is a comprehensive service that begins in late summer or early fall. Families meet to discuss and answer questions about their children, their views of school, what has and has not been effective so far, and the different types of schools available in the Washington area (and, for boarding school applicants, around the country). Selection and counseling includes the services listed below, as appropriate. (Not all families engage all services.)

  • Interviews and conversations with parents (and with applicants to grade 3 and above)

  • Review and discussion of grades and school reports

  • Review and discussion of standardized testing and professional evaluations

  • Discussions of schools identified by parents

  • Recommendations of schools

  • Recommendations for additional testing and resources (if indicated)

  • Recommendations for test preparation services

  • Discussion of teacher recommendations

  • Discussion of application calendar

  • Evaluation of likelihood of admission at particular schools

  • Discussion and coaching on student school visits and interviews

  • Discussion and coaching on parent interviews

  • Complete review of applications

  • Advising on unusual conflicts between schools

  • Discussion of admission options after offers are received

  • Strategic counsel on wait-list decisions

  • Preparation for matriculation

  • All other questions and concerns as they arise throughout the year

Hourly Consultation

Sometimes families have specific questions that require less discussion and planning than a full application process involves. For example, sometimes parents would like opportunities for their children to practice interview techniques, would like to receive advice on their application responses, or begin the process after initial deadlines and notifications have passed. In these cases, the normal process doesn’t make sense and I am happy to discuss hourly billing.

A note on Fees

I try to be sensitive to differences in family resources, and in some cases I will adjust fees based on circumstances. If you are committed to applying to independent schools but are concerned about fees, please get in touch so we can discuss your situation.