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Initial Parent Questionnaire
Please evaluate how strongly you agree or disagree with each statement below by selecting the appropriate button below each statement.
Small class sizes in a school are very important to us
We would prefer a more formal environment (uniforms, teacher-directed classes, clear rules, etc.) to a less formal environment (no dress codes, curriculum that responds to student interests, calling adults by first names, etc.)
We prefer a school that ends in 12th grade (instead of 8th grade or earlier)
We prefer an urban campus
We prefer a school with a religious affiliation
We are seeking a school community strongly committed to diversity
Parent access to teachers and administrators is very important to us
The ideal school offers competitive sports teams and athletic programs
The ideal school offers strong visual and performing arts programs
We are seeking the most challenging academic program available
The ideal school emphasizes students’ social and emotional growth in addition to academic challenge
It is important that most graduates of a school go on to attend well known schools or colleges
Financial aid will probably play a big role in the school we choose for our child