Arc Professional Development comprises two divisions that provide professional services for those who are considering enrollment in independent schools, and for those who work in independent schools.

Arc School Placement

Arc School Placement, our most recent endeavor, helps families identify school programs for their children, from pre-kindergarten through high school, and to apply successfully for admission. The firm counsels parents regarding issues such as:

  • Whether school change makes sense for their children
  • Independent school admission decision-making
  • All aspects of school application and admission, including interviews, testing, school visits, and other phases of the process
  • Psycho-educational testing, and other issues related to school admission

Since 2003, Peter Braverman, Arc’s principal, has helped nearly 400 students and families secure school placement at dozens of schools in the Washington area and elsewhere. Peter’s placement history includes many of the most competitive schools in the area, but more than that, Peter is focused on schools that fit students. As he often remarks, there are no “good” schools and “bad” schools — there are only schools that are good for certain families and students.

Arc helps families make strategic, age-appropriate, family-centered decisions about schools for their children to attend. For more specific information, visit School Placement and check out How Is Arc Different?

Arc Professional Services

Arc Professional Development’s first division was Arc Professional Services, which conducts professional development for teachers, focusing less on specific tasks that teachers perform, and more on the evolution of a teaching career and the skills that teachers acquire on that career arc. Arc Professional services focuses on the teacher rather than the tasks.

Arc workshops provide:

  • Opportunities for teachers to contemplate bigger issues in their careers, such as forging relationships with parents and working through inevitable conflicts with colleagues
  • Career skill development for beginning teachers in independent schools
  • Ongoing professional development for mentors and administrators in mentoring roles
  • Career reflection and trajectory for experienced teachers

Arc helps teachers make constructive choices about their careers, and about their lives as evolving professionals — in other words, to contemplate, and affect intentionally, the arc of their professional lives. For more information, visit Professional Services.