What makes Arc School Placement different from similar professional services?

1. Work with students in schools.

Among the school counselors in the Washington area, none has Peter Braverman’s recent, extensive experience working with students and families — in schools. Since 2003, Peter has not only met with dozens of admission officers at schools around Washington, he has also seen the results of various family strategies, step by step, during the application process. He has supervised teachers and read hundreds of their recommendations, editing them to put students at their best advantage. Peter has counseled parents on standardized testing from both academic and admission perspectives, answered countless phone calls from admission officers, and held meetings with teachers, administrators, admission officers from both boarding and day schools, psychologists, tutors, and almost every other type of educational professional. He’s seen first-hand what works — and what doesn’t. No other counselor in the area can claim this range of experience and qualifications, especially in the recent past.

2. A natural connection with students

As students grow older, their views on schools count more in the application process. Peter’s natural affinity with kids, especially adolescents, was honed over years of working with students and families, understanding potential fault lines between parents and children, balancing legitimate competing interests, and developing skills to navigate the process for the benefit of each family member. Most professionals work well with students or parents; Peter has spent a career building successful relationships with both.

3. Affiliation with the area’s best college counseling firms

Arc partners with the region’s top firms specializing in college placement, as well as other school and career services.

Our firms’ connections allow families to work fluidly from kindergarten through college, with people who know each other well, who communicate student and family preferences and strengths fluidly, who provide superb service, and who offer competitive rates. 

Our affiliations also allow us to work in the context of a complete education. As professional counselors we understand the arc of a student’s life: From kindergarten to middle school to high school to college, each transition occurs along the arc of a student’s entire school career — no one point on the arc should exist in a vacuum.