An Insider’s Approach to the WHO, WHAT, WHY, and HOW* of the Application Process for Grades PK–12
(*Not necessarily in that order)


Throughout his career, Peter has worked to help students gain admission to the following DC–area schools.

*Bullis School (Potomac, MD)
Connelly School of the Holy Child (Potomac, MD)
*Edmund Burke School (Washington, DC)
Episcopal High School (Alexandria, VA)
*The Field School (Washington, DC)
*Georgetown Day School (Washington, DC)
Georgetown Preparatory School (Bethesda, MD)
Green Acres School (Rockville, MD)
Holton-Arms School (Bethesda, MD)
Landon School (Bethesda, MD)
Lowell School (Washington, DC)
Madeira School (McLean, VA)
*Maret School (Washington, DC)
McLean School of Maryland (Potomac, MD)
National Cathedral School (Washington, DC)
Potomac School (McLean, VA)
*Sidwell Friends School (Washington, DC)
*St. Andrew’s Episcopal School (Potomac, MD)
St. Anselm's Abbey School (Washington, DC)
Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart (Bethesda, MD)
Washington International School (Washington, DC)

*Peter has worked with 10 or more students who have been offered admission at those schools marked with asterisks.


Many families consider school choices at various stages in the arc of their children’s lives. Here are some common reasons families think about guidance related to school:

Peter has a unique ability to understand students’ core talents while considering their capacity for growth. He helps families convey elements of a student’s profile to admission teams in reassuring and persuasive ways. Peter’s deep knowledge of schools allows him to tailor his support in ways that serve families and the school communities they join.
— Alexander Levey, former director of Upper School Admission, Sidwell Friends School, Washington DC
  • Families seek the advantages of independent schools: small class sizes; individual attention; varied approaches to teaching and learning; and partici­pation in multiple activities in the arts, athletics, and academics
  • A child is beginning school or a new level at school — e.g., moving from middle to high school — and the family is ­interested in learning more about many different types of schools
  • Parents sense something is missing in their child’s current environment
  • Parents seek a school to address their child’s academic or social strengths or ­challenges
  • A child’s challenges at a current school seem intractable
  • Parents have been asked to seek a ­psycho-educational evaluation, and want to consider how different schools work differently with the results
  • A family relocation makes continuing in a current school impossible


Peter was a tremendous resource to our family. He is passionate, extremely knowledgeable about the independent school landscape, and has an extensive network of contacts. He is current on the ins and outs of each school. Working with Peter was so valuable because he listened, got to know our child and our family, and was able to provide input and advice on schools that represent the best fit.
— Nancy Kim and Charlie Hewlett

School Selection and Presentation
Our most popular option includes a review of school records, and a conference to gather more information and help parents understand the application process. After the conference, parents receive an in-depth, detailed report to help present an applicant most effectively, and personalized recommendations for three to five schools. This option may be “upgraded” to the Comprehensive Counseling option below, for only the difference in cost, at any time during the same school year.

Comprehensive Counseling
Add to the services above: meetings and conversations to prepare a more comprehensive list of schools; coaching on visits and interviews; review of applications; and discussion of school choices and wait-list decisions. There are no preset limits on meetings and other communications.

If your child’s current or prospective school recommends a psycho-educational (or “neuro-psych”) evaluation, the comprehensive fee also covers help with the steps of that process, including a decision about whether your child will undergo the testing, selection of an evaluator, and understanding results from the perspective of an experienced school administrator.

Hourly Consultation
This option works for families who seek brief answers to various questions about the application process, such as whether independent schools are right for your child, different types of schools (single-sex, boarding, PK–8 vs. PK–12, etc.); the likelihood of admission offers from particular schools, or psycho-educational testing.


Peter is one of the wisest, most insightful educators we have known. He has helped countless families like ours through the school search journey, bringing sanity, good humor, and integrity to the process. His wisdom helped our child thrive and succeed, both as a student and as a human being.
— Kim Berman and Farzad Mostashari

Work with students — in schools
Peter Braverman, Arc’s principal, has met with dozens of admission officers, obser­ving and analyzing the results of differing approaches to the admission process. He has read hundreds of teacher recommendations, editing them to put students at their best advantage. And he has served on school admission committees for over 15 years.

Peter has counseled families on standardized tests, psycho-­educational testing, and admission applications. He has met with admission directors, administrators, teachers, psychologists, tutors, and every other category of education professional. Peter has seen what works — and what doesn’t — from the viewpoints of both applicants and schools.

A natural connection with students
Peter’s innate affinity for kids and parents was honed over more than two decades of working with students and their parents, anticipating potential fault lines and balancing competing interests. Most professionals work well with either students or parents; Peter has spent a career building relationships with both.

Affiliation with the area’s best college and graduate placement firms
Arc enjoys relationships with the region’s top placement firms for college, graduate school, and beyond. Our connections allow families to work seamlessly from one firm to another, communicating preferences and strengths fluidly. For all of your child’s school years, you can work with firms that provide superb service, and offer fair, competitive rates.


Peter Braverman founded Arc School Placement after 23 years of working in schools. He taught middle school and high school and served for eleven years as Middle School Head at Green Acres School in Rockville, Maryland. There he directed the process of ­applying to high schools for hundreds of eighth graders, over 92 percent of whom were offered admission at their first or second choices.

Peter has spoken to parents, teachers, and administrators at schools and conferences around the US. He has written for Independent School magazine, and in several other publications, on ­education, music, and other topics. Peter has been interviewed on public radio and on television’s “Good Day DC.”

Peter earned his B.A. from Wesleyan and his Ed.M. from Harvard. He is at work on a highly opinionated book on the differences between “smart” and “successful,” the reasons schools tend to favor “smart,” and ways they can shift their focus to become effective proponents of “successful.”


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