How do our students experience school?

Every once in a while I come across an idea that is at once so simple and so brilliant that I wish it had been mine. Seriously, it kinda irritates me.

My daughter sent me the link to this article about ten minutes after I'd seen it myself. The idea behind it is one of those things — simple and brilliant and kind of devastating at the same time.

Alexis Wiggins, a teacher, spent a day going through a typical high school student's schedule to see what she could learn.

I suppose I can concede that Alexis Wiggins, as the scion of educational royalty (her father is Grant Wiggins, one of the fathers of “backward design” theory), has a leg up on the rest of us. But still, yeah, it kinda irritates me.

It's brilliant. Read it.

And just try not to think about yourself and your classes through her lens. It may not be entirely comfortable, but it will make you a better teacher.

Dare you.

Peter BravermanComment